Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Announcing our FIRST DT!

Say hi to these AMAZING talented ladies! They are the new members of the scrap naked DT! They are creative and talented, and they are HOTT! Please welcome.....

Melonie Madison:

Hi everyone! I'm Melonie! (waving "HI" from NY) I am a proud Mommy to 2 beautiful children and one adorable bulldog, and Wife to one wonderful Hubby! I am a lover of all things paper. I have been scrapping avidly for about 5 years but I am a cutter, paster, and ticket stub saver from way back! I guess you can say I've always been a scrapper at heart! I am just finally realizing the fun and freedom of scrapping naked and late at night!! I am so happy to be here and with such good company!

Kellie Bro:

My name is Kellie, born and bred in beautiful British Columbia, Canada!
Married, half dutch, lived in S. Korea for two years, dreamer. :)
Takes pleasure in pirates, funky treasures, Starbucks, travelling when possible, my digi camera, writing poetry, attending social gatherings, music, the list goes on people.
Love to scrap and takes great delight in all things scrap related. ;)
So excited to design for, "Scrap Naked".
I'm ready to BARE it all!

Jen Otto:

Hi! My name is Jen and I am way excited to be part of the Scrap Naked Design Team!!! I’m a SAHM living in Maryland with my DH of nine years, my 7 year old son and two crazy dogs! I first discovered scrapping over 5 years ago when a co-worker brought her scrapbook to work. After a trip to the craft store and a glance through a scrapbooking magazine, I knew I had found my passion! I’ve discovered that there really is no wrong way to scrap and have made it my mission to pass this on! It’s why I scrap naked. Besides, it’s more fun that way!

Amy Lapi:

Hey all! i'm so happy and excited to be a part of this team! i'm 21 years old, originally from n.y. but i'm graduating from florida state in december with a BS in psych. been scrapping since i could write. love books, shopping, dancing, the beach, and getting messy. to me, scrapping naked is about being real. raw. exposed. plus, it gets hot down here in fla sometimes... and we weren't born with clothes on, right? ;)

Mahlin Andersson:

My name is Mahlin Andersson, I'm 27 years old and I live in the land where everyone drives a Volvo, all the girls are named Ingrid and polar bears walk the streets – Sweden . (Ok, ok, the thing bout the bears isn´t really true =D) I live here with my darling Peter and our two cats. I refer to Peter as DH but we´re not even engaged. I'm working as a teacher with kids who has Autism or Aspergers syndrome. I absolutely love my work. I've been a papercrafter since I was a little kid. Just being creative, making art in different ways. Actual scrapbooking, well. I´ve been doing that for real since June this year! that makes it about five months! But it´s been a great 5 months, I´ve had the good fortune to be on a couple of DT´s and I´m learning so much from all the talent seen in online galleries and MB´s. I´m really excited to be on the DT for Scraping Naked!


I don't want to scrapbook - i NEED to scrapbook. i love to CHALLENGEconvention and boundaries and EXPRESS myself visually. Scrapbookingallows me this creative outlet where I can journal artistically andGROW as a person as well as an artist. i think of scrapbooking, orscrap art as i like to call it, as a powerful tool to EXPRESS mythoughts, emotions, personality, DREAMS, fears and evolution. i AM a naked scrapper because when you're naked you're most vulnerableand you can either hide or EXPLORE those emotions and grow. i preferthe exploration. EVERYONE has faults and weaknesses when they arenaked, but it is those things that make us INDIVIDUAL and UNIQUE so isay, hey, let's celebrate them! Perfection is boring, it's theIMPERFECT that makes up the most interesting stories!

These ladies are SO talented! Wait until you see the LOs they have created!

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